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Gearing up for Black Friday? – SCN Encourager

Watch and learn from your retail cousins. School leaders and communicators have much in common with retailers and bricks and mortar shop owners. And please don’t just pass me off as a father of girls who’s never gotten fully comfortable with all that comes along with Black Friday. Can you really argue that there’s a big psychographic gap between the next generation of…

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Nab YouTube’s free music

Having another One-Person-Office moment? Your video about an important school project is uploaded to YouTube. But a last-minute vote by the Board Committee of the Whole says: “Add music!” To which your superintendent chimes in: “You got it!” Even at the eleventh hour, you DO have an option and it’s waiting for you free of charge on the YouTube…

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Don’t think big or get pushed around by the media – SCN Encourager

Straight talk about crisis communications from the Fall 2014 MSPRA Seminar I was hoping a secret “silver bullet” tip would be presented after lunch. But no such luck. Zac Rantz’ keen insights about how to shape your school crisis communications (before-during-after a crisis) were strictly DIY. I shouldn’t have been surprised. He’s clearly one expert who’s confident enough in his…

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