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Where’s fake news when I need it? – SCN Encourager

Timely and accurate reporting wrecked my weekend. I had to waste valuable holiday shopping and decorating time responding to texts and calls from people wondering if I had moved. I didn’t receive any Christmas cards in the mail. I didn’t receive a surprise visit from Santa, either. All I received were inquiries from people (former…

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Are you a big thinker? – SCN Encourager

That is… are you one who thrives on “thinking big?” Brooke Castillo is a life coach and founder of LifeCoachSchool. She’s extremely bright… very much like you, only you’re directly involved with real-world “life school,” the real deal. Anyway, Brooke has a fantastic podcast with a ton of insights about depression, self-confidence, relationships, and strategies…

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The collision of Einstein and the Smarty Pants gang – SCN Encourager

It’s been happening on Twitter for the last couple of days. Why I thought so many of the tweets in this particular feed were funny, I can’t say. #StupidQuestionsForEinstein But at any rate, I was reminded about the draw of an engaging hashtag. #StupidQuestionsForEinstein How can we trust atoms if they make up everything? Did…

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